KOReD offers a cost effective and state-of-the-art MBR MF membrane for advanced wastewater treatment.


KOReD research center was established on May 02, 2001 and registered on May 24, 2001 with the
certification of Korea Industrial Technology Association (KOITA) ( Registration No. 20012056 ).

The R&D center is dedicated to the study and research in the membrane manufacturing technology and
water treatment application technology and water treatment application technology. The center is committed
to addressing the environment problems through the manufacturing of membrane and modules, and
manufacturing of membrane for purification and treatment of sewage and wastewater.
Membrane manufacturing

KOReD R&D center places focus on the manufacturing technology of membranes.
It holds technologies in tubular membrane manufacturing technology, and tubular membrane support and
module manufacturing technology. It has dead-end tubular membrane technology for outer wall
coating and products is in production. KCF is 0.5㎛ micro filter and BMF is a 0.1~0.2㎛ tubular
membrane for microfiltration.

The center also developed 0.2㎛ submerged flat sheet membrane and modules for sewage and
wastewater treatment which are applied to the MBR process using the existing wastewater treatment systems.
As a successful location case, the center is giving an impetus to the development of low-cost commercial
modules to be applied to the sewage and wastewater treatment facilities.
Water treatment applications

KOReD research center is committed to the development of advance water treatment systems
using membranes and focusing mainly on treatment system of wastewater, sewage and leachate
using membranes, and ultra pure water systems, purification systems.

Main research areas follow :

  •      Advanced treatment of sewage and wastewater using submerged flat sheet membranes.
  •      Advanced treatment of leachate using the submerged flat sheet membranes.
  •      Application for ultra pure water systems, purification process and RO pre-treatment process using micro filters.
  •      Development of pretreatment systems of small water supply facilities using a tubular membrane ( All purpose pre-treatment process)
  •      Reclamation and reusing of CMP wastewater from semiconductor plants using the tubular membrane.
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      KOReD offers a cost effective
      and state-of-the-art MBR MF
      membrane for advanced waste
      water treatment.
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      KOReD provides you with lower
      installation, operating, and
      maintenace cost than others
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