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KOReD offers a cost effective and state-of-the-art MBR MF membrane for advanced wastewater treatment.

MBR membrane, the key to make clean water
Your competent partner for the flat sheet membrane for MBR
wastewater treatment plant.
KOReD in brief ..
KOReD was found in 1999 in Seoul, Korea and offers innovative solutions to the state of art flat sheet
submerged MBR membrane system for sewage & wastewater treatment plants and its engineering service.

As a medium-sized company we are recognized as a responsive, empathetic, and reliable partner
for customers in both field test and wastewater engineering.

We work tirelessly and continuously to develop the latest MBR membrane techniques and trends into
wastewater engineering and its technology. We intend to remain at the forefront of this still developing
membrane technology and are committed to sharing this newly acquired process with our customers.

A short summary to introduce our company

  •      We are a pioneer of developing micro filter submerged flat sheet membrane for MBR wastewater
         treatment system in Korea.
  •      Our core competence is application of the newest compact type membrane module for saving MBR
         plant site area and MBR tank space.
  •      We are in development, manufacturing and worldwide sales of flat sheet membranes for MBR
         wastewater treatment solutions.
  •      We are an experienced team of professional engineers and researchers whose average involvement
         in this MBR membrane industry exceeds a decade.
    • KOReD Products

      KOReD offers a cost effective
      and state-of-the-art MBR MF
      membrane for advanced waste
      water treatment.
    • KOReD Process

      KOReD provides you with lower
      installation, operating, and
      maintenace cost than others
      by our new technology
      G-MBR process.
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